Link Me simply and securely links clients and their healthcare professionals.

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The holistic healthcare solution for providers and their clients.

About Link Me

Link Me is a digital platform which simply and securely links clients and their healthcare professionals. Link Me is designed for Australian health care clients and their providers, to efficiently communicate and collaborate, securely store, and simply use the clients health care documents.

Benefits for Providers:

Efficiency through:

Simple connection and collaboration.

On demand accessibility to your clients complete healthcare journey.

A secure alternative for storing your clients health care information in one place.

Holistic Healthcare by:

An enhanced ability to provide individualised, client focused care.

A strengthened rapport between you and your client.

An improved understanding of your client’s strengths and difficulties between appointments.

Benefits for Clients:

Simplify your health care experience through:

Less responsibility to relay information between your healthcare providers.

Streamlining the storing and transporting of all your therapy information.

Access to the documents you are frequently using within one application.

Optimise your health care experience by:

Empowerment to be at the centre of your healthcare journey.

Awareness of what information is shared between your providers.

Reassurance your providers are working together to achieve your key goals.

We Prioritize Your Security

Provider pricing

Link Me is free for clients to download and connect with providers.

Providers can download their Link Me subscription on a monthly or annual basis.
Providers are not locked in to an ongoing plan and can cancel anytime, free of charge.

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The brains behind the platform

Alice Curtis, Founder

Occupational Therapist.

Alice has over 10 years experience working within the health and wellness field, working in a range of health teams including with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, GP’s, Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Speech Pathologists, Dietitians, Psychiatrists, Nurses and Social Workers.

Alice has worked in a number of roles in the health field, most prominently as an Occupational Therapist.

She has worked with a variety of adult and child client’s and patients, including in acute and rehabilitation hospital settings, private practices and between private and public health services, including within the National Disability Insurance Scheme.